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    "Our Science-First approach sets us Apart from the Rest"

    We only provide pharmaceutical grade supplements, backed by scientific research, with the power to make the difference

Did You Know -

All Nutritional Supplements are Not Created Equal

Research has shown that, unfortunately, only minimal amounts of nutrients are actually absorbed into the body from many of the popular OTC supplement brands. The consumer ends up paying full price for half the product.

How Are We Different

Physicians Supplement Center provides you with comprehensive supplements that promote longevity, wellness and vitality. We provide only pharmaceutical grade supplements with the nutritional quality backed by a science first approach. Pharmaceutical grade supplements are a tremendous upgrade from what is available at your local health food store or vitamin shop. Our supplements have absolutely no fillers or additives giving you 100% of the product. Not only do you receive 100% of a pure supplement, you ensure the benefits you desire and deserve.

Pharmaceutical grade supplements are only available from companies that have a physician on staff. Physicians Supplement Center has a medical staff consisting of an Internal Medicine and HRT Specialist as well as a Nurse Practitioner. You can order these high grade quality supplements directly from us from our online nutrition store with the peace of mind that our medical staff oversees every order.

Our Best Sellers -

Niacin CRT 60 Tablets OmegAvail Ultra 120 softgels Twice Daily Essential Packets 60s Whey Cool Powder Probiotic Synergy 120 gm Powder
Niacin CRT 60

Control your cholesterol levels with time-released Niacin
OmegAvail Ultra 120 softgels
Fish oil for your heart and triglyceride levels. These Omega 3 oils are 40-50% higher than industry standard
Twice Daily Essential Packets 60s
Get all of your daily essential nutrients in two easy packets. No need to count, sort or measure
Whey Cool Powder chocolate or vanilla
Quality protein that is easy to blend and tastes great
Probiotic Synergy 120 gm Powder
Probiotics maintain a healthy bacterial environment in the intestines by displacing bad bacteria and aiding digestion

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